Saturday, July 8, 2006


Here it is!! My New Tattoo!!!!

I can't believe how beautiful it is! As you can see, its a cross of nails with an ICHTHUS hung over the crossmember. The characters around the bottom are a reference to Matthew 4:19 in the Bible which says, "'Come Follow me,' Jesus said, 'and I will make you fishers of men.'" The letters in the reference are Greek letters Mu, Alpha, Theta, Theta.

My wife, Kimy, my Mom and Dad (can you believe it?), and a very good, already inked friend Rod came along for emotional support.

This is my Dad and Rod making sure my artist does everything right!

My artist is a pretty cool guy. His name is (now get this...) Mikey Vigilanti. Yep, that's his real name. He was great at explaining all that was going to happen. He is also very, very talented. He took my idea and really captured the image I've had running around my head for the last five years or so. I even had the chance to drop the Gospel of Jesus Christ on him. I figured that I was paying for his time and getting a permanent Christian symbol drawn onto my arm, so I started my evangelism technique with him. Please pray that Mikey will muster up the courage to visit us at Willow Community Church this week!

That's Mikey!

I would highly recommend Splash of Color in East Lansing, Michigan for any of your tattooing needs. The place is very clean and the people are awesome, desperately in need of the Savior, but awesome.

This morning, my Dad and I went fishing. At the doc, a guy about my age struck up a conversation about something that led to a discussion about Birthdays. I mentioned that I got a tattoo yesterday with money I got from my last birthday and he asked to see, so I showed him. Think about it, not even 24 hours after I get inked, I get the opportunity to witness with my new tattoo! I explained what the symbolism meant, and he said, "yeah, I need to get back to church." I gave him my business card and invited him to Willow!

It is finished!

I got my tattoo last night! It really didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it was going too. It doesn't even hurt that much this morning after two hours of fishing with my dad. Kimy got some great pics of the event, so I'll post them up onto my blog later this afternoon!

Friday, July 7, 2006

It's tattoo time!

Hey Every Body!

I'm on my way to Splash of Color in East Lansing, MI to get my first Tattoo! I'll upload some picture in next day or two.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Truth, Justice and the Politically Correct Way!?!

NEWS FLASH: Superman Returns to old girlfriends, old acquaintances, old villains and old world-ending threats, but not to the good old United States of America!

Some of you might know that I am a huge superhero comic book fan. I really loved collecting them when I was a kid and I really love what Hollywood has been turning out lately based on some of my favorite characters. Now that I'm grown up (please don't tell anybody I said that!), I've started collecting superhero DVD's, but I try to see every new movie the way it should be seen on the Silver Screen! Spider-man 1&2 tie with Batman Begins as possibly my favorite movies of all time. The X-men movies (all three of them) are quite possibly the best adaptation of comic book characters ever portrayed (yes, even Kelsey Grammer as Beast!). Fantastic Four was just plain fun and I'm really looking forward to the sequel. Even though Daredevil starred Ben Affleck, the DVD has the best sound editing for Dolby 5.1 Surround I have ever heard! Even Hulk had some very good special effects and the story was actually somewhat close to the Stan Lee original story. I heard that Punisher and the Blade movies were OK, but gratuitously bloody movies aren't really my thing. Catwoman and Elekrta didn't have any "super" powers so they don't count, besides isn't superheroine an illegal narcotic?

And then there's Superman Returns. If you haven't seen the movie you may not want to read any further. I'll try not to give too much away, but there is just too much to comment on to keep it all a secret.

First, I think what I liked about the newer superhero movies is the fact the writers recreated the comic book characters. Unlike the first Superman and Batman films and the Hulk TV series that reinvented them, the new era projects stay pretty close to actual characters you will see in the comics. Bryan Singer, who wrote Superman Returns, did a fantastic job when he wrote X-Men & X2, but didn't show any of the new era flare this time. The blockbuster is beautiful and the flying effects are stunning, but the film just seemed flat due to so much time being spent making the audience feel like they are watching Superman 3. Brandon Roth, the big guy in blue tights in this rendition, looks just like Christopher Reeve! I don't mean that he looked like Superman, I mean he looked just like Christopher Reeve. Even Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey, who I had all kinds of expectations, felt way too much like Gene Hackman and that bimbo that played his girlfriend/cheap comic relief. I also didn't understand why Singer spent time replaying old Marlon Brando footage from the 1978 project.

Second, every Superman comic book written since 1938 very clearly states that Supes stands for "Truth, Justice and the AMERICAN Way", but not Singer's hero. His invulnerable alien doesn't consider the U.S. his home at all and shows no patriotism whatsoever, but spends a lot of time globetrotting. I'm not sure why there was such an obvious nod toward political correctness in one of America's longest running traditions.

Third, the continued references to Supes being the one and only son sent to save a dying world just about drove me crazy! The connection that many people have made between Superman and Jesus Christ is nothing new, but thinking that Superman could have had an illicit physical relationship certainly is. I don't want to give away too much, but if Superman is suppose to be the embodiment of morality then shouldn't he be moral in everything he does? No matter what Dan Brown says, there is absolutely no evidence that Jesus Christ had a physical relationship with anybody, but if He did, He wouldn't have done it illicitly because He would have obeyed the laws of the Jewish people which means that if He had children He would have been married because He is the embodiment of morality.

I know it sounds like I didn't like this experience, but I did. It really is beautiful and Brandon Roth did a wonderful (if not copycat) job as the invincible Man of Steel. I just think that even something as wholesome and All American as Superman has finally been corrupted by Hollywood.