Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Amazing Race 12!

Ok, this is going to sound a bit crazy to some of you; Dave Kallenbach and I have sent in applications and a 2 1/2 minute video requesting that the producers of The Amazing Race consider us as a team for the filming of their 12th season!

We both have loved the show for several years and think we would do well. We really want to see how well we can work together under the microscope of the world lens and we know that we would grow in trust and understanding as a result of spending 30 to 40 days, 24/7 together! The idea of funding Willow Community Church with the prize money is also just little bit in the back of our minds.

If the producers of the show call us for an initial interview, Dave and I would go to Chicago on our own ticket. If we do well there, we would be sent to L.A. on CBS's ticket! We should hear something sometime in early March.

Check out the Amazing Race Website for more information about the show.

oh, yeah... I just created a new website on MySpace. My 14 year old daughter had been bugging me for quite some time and I finally caved in. But the only way to let her do it is if I did it with her and at any point I find something I don't think is appropriate, then I have the right and responsibility to pull the plug on her space and mine! Point your browser to:

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I've been out of touch for a long time in the blogosphere. Things have been good for me and my family. Yeah, good but consuming. The last two months have definitely been consuming. Maybe, sometime in the future, I'll catch you all up on the inner-workings of the Lawson's 2006 last quarter... maybe.

As far as Willow Community Church... Things have been fantastic!! We are now averaging 90 people every Sunday morning. We saw 15 people give their lives Jesus Christ and a number of those have made a request to be baptized. We have made a few changes in the Sanctuary that has enhanced our worship experience, and the worship music has become something I very much look forward to participating with each week, and we are starting to offer a decent children's program, and we have reached over 1200 people a free gift with no strings attached, and, and, and... But the thing that is bringing the most people into our church is our people! They just keep inviting their friends and family! And their friends and family are sticking around! It truly is fantastic!!

There has been a lot of stuff going on right now around the world that I could write about and that I have opinions about, but something just recently came to my attention that apparently has been around for quite sometime. A friend of mine lent me a DVD over the week-end. I had heard about this DVD through the internet and I think I saw it at Blockbuster, but the title didn't seem to catch my attention enough to rent it. So... out of respect for my friend I watched it. "And now, a word from our Pastor..."

"What the Bleep Do We Know? Down the Rabbit Hole" will definitely intrigue just about anybody who takes the time to watch it. It's a slick production edited in a drama/ documentary/ cartoon/ classroom filmstrip/ human interest/ computer animation kinda' way. "What the Bleep?" hit two theaters in up state Washington back in 2004. It gained a bit of a reputation and started opening in art house theaters all over the Pacific Northwest. Eventually, it gained a place at every independent film festival around the globe and even won top honors in just about every contest it entered. Last year, the producers packaged it in a super expanded, six (6!) DVD set with three hundred minutes (300!) of extra footage and interviews and named it "What the Bleep Do We Know? Down the Rabbit Hole". This is the version I watched.

I'm not even sure where to begin...........

Oh, how about here: the producers of the DVD setup a pretty cool way of feeding you the stuff not included in the original release. In the opening menu you have the option of automatically being sent to the extra footage (called rabbit holes) when it is actually talked about in the movie (this will add about 300 minutes to your viewing experience) in an integrated and seamless way. Another option allows to see at random the footage in a "you don't know what you're going to get next" kinda way and (what I thought was just a little weird) could start and end in less that 30 minutes or include all 300.

Or, how about with the proposed premise of the film: Quantum Theory. Yep, that's right, Quantum Theory. Specifically, Quantum Mechanics. (Are you still with me?) The writers of the script interviewed several "experts" from the scientists/ physicists world and included almost all of the footage they shot.

Or, how about with the drama that is interspersed throughout: A woman in the middle of an emotional breakdown. Yep, intriguing, isn't it?

But what I really want to tell you is that this film is really about a group of people from Washington who are trying to merge science with spirituality, individualism with Universalism. Yep, Transcendental Meditation Universalism. In fact, all but one of the scientists follows a New Age guru who goes by the name Ramtha. Oh, maybe now would be a good time to tell you that Ramtha is channeled through a housewife from Tacoma named JZ Knight (the "J" stands for Judy!).

I could go on and on about the theories in the film, but what good would it do? The very nature, as I understand it, is that Quantum anything can not be fully understood because when there is an "observer" (a person or measuring device) introduced into the experiment, the results will change into actuality instead of a probability. Watch the film and see how they dance around explaining something they themselves admit can't be explained and how they try over the course of hours, to draw the conclusion that God is the Universe and that we are all connected to God through Quantum Mechanics and that we all will see soon enough the merging of physical and spiritual reality.

What the Bleep DO I Know, is that as a Christian I already know the answers to life, the Universe and everything (besides, didn't Douglas Adams already discover infinite probability way back in the 70's?).

I would love to debate about this with anyone else who has seen the the film or anyone interested in how God is not the Universe but the Creator of the Universe from a close minded, rugged individual who knows a little bit about religion and philosophy.